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HPMF cheerleading has 2 divisions: Football Cheer (also known as Rec Cheer) & Competition Cheer

Recreation cheerleading is available for all cheerleaders entering Kindergarten through 8th grade.

On-line Registration
Click here to register on-line

In Person Registration Dates & Locations
Saturday, June 1st – 9am to 12pm – Sussex Firehouse

Cheerleading is a team sport and commitment is an important key!

Whether cheering for Football Cheer, or Competition Cheerleading attendance at practice (even summer), events, competitions, games, etc is mandatory.  We expect that each child who signs up makes cheerleading a priority from cheer camp thru the end of the season.

Being a member of the HPMF cheerleading program has many rewards and is a valuable experience that your child will remember for a lifetime. Additionally, your child will give pride and spirit to our program, and community through her participation.

Positive parent support is just as important in the success of  your child’s experience in the program.

Football cheerleaders are placed according to the grade they will be in September of that year.

Rumble – K, 1st, 2nd
Pony – 3rd & 4th
Supers – 5th & 6th
Midgets – 7th-8th

There are NO exceptions made to what level they cheer at.

Competition Cheerleaders must tryout for a spot on a comp team.  Please see the competition cheer section for more information.